Coming Soon! The Local 648 Retiree Club

Whether it’s learning about the issues, engaging in political action, enjoying one another’s company, or going to watch the Giants play, members of newly forming Local 648’s Retiree Club will get a lot out of their participation and stay connected with their union.

Any Local 648 member who is 55 or older and has retired is welcome to join us.  We will be looking for ideas and retirees that would like to get involved.  

“We are now building a culture of activism at Local 648 and our retirees play a central role in getting this started,” said new Local 648 President Dan Larson. “We need our retirees’ wisdom and experience. Their knowledge and advice. Their time and energy. And their deep dedication to our mission and goals.”“The more our retirees get involved, whether it’s participating in the retirees’ club, attending membership meetings, joining us in organizing outreach efforts, or assisting us in political and legislative action, the more they get back too,” Larson said.

“As the new President of local 648, I plan on embracing the past and attacking the future.  Drawing on the wisdom and experience of the retirees is a good place to start.  Please join us and get involved in your union!”